Senin, 22 Desember 2014

This is the tradition of Mother's Day Celebration in 5 Countries - In Indonesia, the mother set every December 22, based on the decision of President Sukarno in 1959. Because, that is the first time the Indonesian Women's congress which took place on 22 to 25 December 1928 in Yogyakarta and was attended by women activists from Java and Sumatra.

Generally, the mother in Indonesia celebrated by giving the most beautiful gift of children to their mothers. This gift also comes in many forms, ranging from flowers, photos, hugs and kisses, dinner, and so on.

Is in every country in the world also celebrated in a similar way? Here's the description!
1. English
In fact, the UK is the first country in the world who dedicate mother's day in the early 1600s. Unique traditions are being made to celebrate Mother's Day in the UK are making almond cake is popularly referred to as Simnel cake. However the tradition began to shift as people prefer to give flowers, cards, or other gifts to their mother.
2. Japan
Mother's Day in Japan in simbolkan with carnation flower that symbolizes strength and tenderness of a mother. When the mother arrived, the children in the State Sakura will draw a picture of their mother at the school as part of an art contest. In addition, children will also give a red carnation flowers and greeting cards to their mother.
3. Australia
Almost the same with Japan, Autralia residents celebrate Mother's Day by giving the gift of special interest, the chrysanthemum flower. Then, people will reward Autralia aunt and grandmother when the mother.
4. Ethiopia
Mother's Day in Ethiopia celebrated with a massive party. Usually the girls will bring vegetables, butter, cheese, and condiments while the boy carries a wide variety of meat such as lamb or bull. Then, when night falls, all the family gathered for dining and dancing along with the mother became a major star.
5. India
In India, the mother understood by remembering all the services of the mother in a child's life, both in difficult circumstances and happy. All citizens will celebrate Mother's Day with a variety of major events held in the city center, the promo of the restaurant, and a special program from the local media. It is estimated that in the next few years, Mother's Day in India will become a national festival. Agmasari TEMPAT JUAL SEPATU SNEAKERS ONLINE TERPERCAYA | TEMPAT JUAL SEPATU SNEAKERS ONLINE TERPERCAYA | TEMPAT JUAL SEPATU SNEAKERS ONLINE TERPERCAYA